Real Estate Law


Muscato, DiMillo & Vona provides a wide spectrum of both residential and commercial real estate services, and our experienced attorneys work hand-in-hand with our knowledgeable real estate administrative staff, each of whom boast over 25 years of real estate experience. We offer trained legal professionals to guide you through the details and pitfalls of contracts, financial lending institutions, and closings. We handle both sales and purchases of new and existing homes, and we can not only give advice, but prepare and review contracts and all documents related to the overall process of buying or selling a home. We will review, examine, and ensure that proper legal title is transferred in every transaction.

We represent lenders on both residential and commercial levels, and recognize the issues and ramifications of financing real estate transactions. We also have extensive experience in landlord/tenant matters, having litigated eviction matters from both the landlords and tenant's perspective. Our firm works with property owners to address building code violations, as well as planning and zoning issues.

Although we certainly strive to ensure that every transaction is fully concluded, we also have the confidence and experience to litigate those matters which are unable to be resolved through negotiation.