Matrimonial & Family Law


The attorneys at Muscato, DiMillo & Vona, LLP have for decades set the standard for representation in matrimonial and family law cases. We understand the emotional and financial stress faced by you and your family, and we will help you make the right decisions to ensure a successful outcome. While we will strive to reach a fair settlement without incurring the financial and emotional costs of going to Court, we are dedicated to fighting to the end to make sure you and your loved ones are provided for.

No other local law firm can match our rock solid reputation or experience in handling cases of divorce, separation, child custody, support, paternity, or pre-judgment matters. Our standards of success are not only reflected in our results, but also in the way we treat our clients with compassion, understanding, and the dedication to see that you and your family prevail.

Muscato, DiMillo & Vona, LLP also provides the highest quality in certified Divorce Mediation services, to help you and your spouse collaborate to reach an amicable settlement, without the expense or stress of court involvement.

You can rely on Muscato DiMillo & Vona, the area's leading matrimonial law firm to help you make the right decisions for you and your family.